November 4, 2015

Bridgevine Launches SocialShare

Turnkey social media referral program increases brand awareness and boosts revenue for Bridgevine’s partners

ATLANTA – November 4, 2015 – Bridgevine Inc., the leading provider of customer acquisition solutions for iconic home service brands, announces SocialShare – an advocacy program that rewards customers for digitally spreading information about relevant marketing offers to their social networks.

Participants can recommend and endorse brands using e-mail, text, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other digital engagement channels. Information is shared across multiple points of presentment including mobile, desktop, tablet and through contact center referrals. All shared content, offer data and branding is tracked and reported through an administration portal. Bridgevine captures the reconciliation data and manages the backend reward fulfillment process as participants earn and redeem their rewards.

“We are pleased to bring to market a fully integrated, digital home services loyalty program that makes sharing news within trusted circles simple, powerful and rewarding,” said Mark Weibel, Chief Customer Acquisition Officer at Bridgevine. “With just a few clicks, advocates can recommend valuable information and are rewarded for sharing relevant offers to their contacts. That’s a true win-win for trusted brands and their customers.”

Bridgevine’s business partners can easily track how their programs are performing through a customized analytics dashboard that highlights success metrics and reports real-time ROI. The platform is easy to setup and administer because it requires minimal integration and IT involvement. Business partners can also customize the reward structure, as well as choose the number of levels they wish to compensate their customer referrals based on specific requirements.

In today’s digital marketplace, referrals are trending upwards and consumer behavior is becoming an increasingly important part of marketing strategy. According to research from Duke University, spending on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter currently represents 9% of marketing budgets and is expected to increase to more than 21% in the next five years.

Through SocialShare, Bridgevine is pioneering the online referral process by simplifying and streamlining the reward procedure for participants. No longer are referral account details required to receive credit. With online tracking and attribution, the entire activity is safe and secure.

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